28 North Gastropub

28 North Gastropub


2250 Town Center Ave Suite 101, Melbourne, FL 32940

(The Avenue Viera)




(321) 241-1159

A Story of Local Gratitude...

Once upon a time... (that's how all best stories begin right?) Back in 1989 in a small town called Melbourne Florida a young entrepreneur wanted to introduce the locals to a concept they didn't know they were missing. He did and they came...Fast forward 30 years and it's time to do it again. The last time it was pizza and art, this time it's a locally focused gastropub! The first part of the word "Gastro" comes from a term that all of us unknowingly already understand. Do you enjoy eating or preparing delicious food? Then you're a fan of Gastronomy. The second part of the word is pretty obvious so we won't waste time telling you what a pub is. Now that you know what we are, let's cover who we are. Our founder is a Brevard native that grew up in a family that has always supported our local community...that idea quickly meshed with an extremely talented local chef looking for an opportunity to serve his particular brand of elevated, locally sourced comfort food, and his wife, a creative and motivated mixologist with a passion for unique hand crafted cocktails. One part visionary restaurateur, two parts hungry creative foodies... 28 North was off and running. Why 28? Why North?

So for our origin story, look no further than Brevard's Latitude, "28 North." Yep it's no secret code, just one number and one word to convey our simple focus: "Local Latitude & Local Attitude."

At 28 North Gastropub we take great care in the sourcing and preparation of our food. This can on occasion take a little longer and we may even sell out of popular items from time to time. We ask for your patience and understanding and offer in return an amazing dining experience!

Space Coast Restaurant Week Menu Price:


First Course- Appetizer (Choice of One)

  • Bibb Wedge- Bacon lardon, tomato, balsamic reduction, buttermilk chive dressing, pickled shallots, stilton
  • Peach Burrata- Peaches, basil, charred tomatoes, brioche croutons, smoked paprika almonds
  • Gazpacho: Cashew granola, sour dough crouton, blue cheese mousse, lemongrass Gastrique, grapes

Second Course- Entree (Choice of One)

  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken: Mac, pickles, honey sambal
  • Bistro Filet: Soubise potatoes, cipollini onions, pesto, asparagus, roasted mushrooms
  • Cioppino: Florida clams, mussels, fish, key west shrimp, white wine parsley broth

Third Course- Dessert (Choice of One)

  • Key Lime Bar- Raspberry fluid gel, white chocolate powder, almond crumble, whipped cheesecake
  • Sour Cream Doughnuts- Dark chocolate cinnamon ganache, bourbon caramel
  • Cherry Rhubarb Gallette- Coriander oat crumble, strawberry sorbet, vanilla sour cream

Additional Details

  • Price does not include tax or gratuity
  • No substitutions or plate sharing unless otherwise indicated


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